This will probably sound crazy but could I be psychic?

Hey ladies,
So this probably isn’t the place to ask this and I’m going to sound really weird but I keep predicting the future maybe? It’s only been little things that are most likely coincidental but this last one has got me thinking about it. 
So my birthday was today. I’m not very active on any social media and usually don’t wish people happy birthday on Facebook (ik I should but i just don’t like how public it is). About a week ago I had a dream that is was my birthday and only 8 people posted on my timeline. In the dream, I was upset about it, but when I woke up I was thinking about how that would be 100% fair because I rarely post for people’s bdays, even my closest friends I usually just text them. Today for my birthday exactly 8 people posted on my timeline!!! I mean I’m guessing it was just a coincidence but still freakyyyy. I had also told my sister about the dream and then today told her that thud happened. We moved on to different conversation topics and then I mentioned it again joking that I was psychic and she said she was just thinking the same thing. 
I’ve also had other subtle things like this happen, like thinking that my roommate would be back soon and having her walk in. And then one time I thought about how I hadn’t talked to my dad for a while and about a minute later looked at my phone to see that he was calling. 
These are probably just coincidences right? Sorry this was long and had nothing to do with being female lol. Lmk if you know anything. If not it’s ok this is a strange question I have and I’m not really even sure what I’m asking.