So bit of an odd situation here but bare with me.

So i’ve been seeing a guy for 3 months now. Two of which we became exclusive and you know became the relationship. So here’s the thing; he moved in with me after a month at my parents house because he had some trouble with his boss going bankrupt and not paying out, so he had no where to go. I couldn’t see him on the streets so i took him in. This was in August a month after we first met and began going on dates.

From here i’ve found myself absolutely fansinated by him. Everything he does just gets me! We get on well and i find he’s easy to communicate with. I’m sure you can see where this is going - i’ve fallen fast and hard. Hey i wear my heart on my sleeve! So i find myself thinking “man i love this guy!” But i’m so nervous to say it for a couple of reasons; 1. I’ve never had the L bomb reciprocated in my only other serious relationship 2. We’re still in honeymoon stage except we’re sharing a room in my parents house. 3. Is it morally too soon?

Oh and this is trivial as facebook isn’t the be all and end all but i recently tried tagging him as “in a relationship” but he didn’t accept. And he doesn’t have any of our posts on his wall apart from me wishing him happy birthday. However he does have his family on there who he for personal and justifiable reasons has no contact with and doesn’t want them to know his business which could be why. Should i just disregard this? He refers to me as his girlfriend. Or “friend” when he’s winding me up 😂 because we do roast each other a lot, joking around.

What do i do? Feel free to quiz me!