Facebook/Social Media Announcement ?

Hey ladies,

Wondering your opinions on the big social media announcement. I thought I would be the type of FTM who wanted the big hooplah, but going on almost 6 months pregnant and have only told those we think will have a role in baby girl's life (not by any means a short list... includes all of our families + extended and mostly all of our friends and coworkers, haven't gone out of our way to tell people we don't see that regularly). She is by no means a secret, but for some reason about this I felt like social media was too public, even though we post about a million other things and I assume at some point this bump will be out there as she isn't hiding anymore 😂 Am I being crazy?

So tell me, did you post? Did you not? Were you happy or did you regret your decision? Why?

Thanks ladies!

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