Did my boyfriend dump me for her?


So my boyfriend and I of almost two years recently left me. We were having stupid arguments over little things and they started to become often. So one day we were fine, he was telling me he loved me and how important I was to him and the next day he broke up with me, said he didn't love me anymore and that he couldn't deal with me. He broke up with me in a text then wouldn't respond to anything so I decided to take some initiative and go talk to him. When I got there he was with two of his friends ( one of whom I don't like) He came and talked to me and as we were talking his dad came barreling down the driveway and jumped out of his truck. One of his friends ( the one I don't like ) decided to take authority of the situation and call his dad to tell him that I showed up out of no where and I wasn't letting him leave. His dad then threatened to call the police if I didn't leave and that if I ever stepped foot on their property I would be arrested. Prior to this his dad never treated me this way, it was actually shocking. I asked when I can get my things back and he responded with "Whenever I'm free" because I obviously can't show up to drop off his stuff.. he also has my kitten that he is refusing to give back.

About two weeks prior to this, my boyfriend got a Snapchat from someone and immediately hid his phone from me. I thought this was odd behavior so I asked who the snap was from and why he isn't opening it or responding. He said it's just Chuck, ( one of his good friends ) I didn't think anything of it so I said okay. Then after a few minutes he still didn't open it. Finally I asked him again and he told me it was a girl but it's just a friend and they knew each other from school but she needed help with her car. ( My boyfriend is really good at anything mechanic like, made sense.. ) I asked why he didn't tell me in the first place and he said because you would have gotten upset that we were talking and I didn't want anything to happen. I didn't take this very easily, it actually questioned my trust and made me very upset.

Fast forward to today. I haven't talked to him in two days since the break up and it's very hard. But I went to open my Snapchat and I was logged out but login was typed in. I didn't think anything of it and just hit log in. I was on my ex boyfriends account... I noticed that he has been talking to this girl every second since we broke up and they're now best friends on Snapchat. I immediately logged off and started thinking. Did he break up with me for her? What do you all think?