Need some wisdom and advice from my Glow sisters!!


My partner and I inseminated the 28th of September in the fertile window. We were only able to inseminate once due to donor not being available. Her period is due in two days and we took a test this morning and it was a BFN. :( We aren’t going to test anymore and just see if AF comes. Have there been any ladies that haven’t had a BFP until AFTER their missed period? I’ve always seen ladies post positives before AF between CD10 and their missed period. We are just getting super discouraged. She’s had all the signs and symptoms that she has never had before. She doesn’t usually have period symptoms. This was the test from a couple days ago. We tested this morning with a digital test and it came up Not Pregnant. Any insight? Thank you ladies. We are just at the point where we want to give up.