abortion issues

Maria Mateen 😆🍟 • my babies my hubby everything

I am really confused sad stressed out because I just had a test and it was positive I was really shocked because I was using protection and how I got pregnant I don't know I have 4 month old baby and I have already had 2 surgeries before so I don't want this baby because financially I can't afford it and I'm really really in a big trouble my husband is shocked I don't know what to do in this country it's illegal to have abortion I can't do anything I have to pay tax rent and all the other things having another child means I have to do a lot of things and physically very weak I have low blood I have lot of other things and worries my first child is 1 year old I have to take care of them as well cook clean I don't know even what I am writing I am in a very bad situation my mind is stocked I am probably 1 month pregnant and I just don't know what to do how to ask people for money or just it's very nerve breaking