How to break up with my guy

Omggg, idk what to do I'm so fed up with my bf he's lived at mine for about 6 months never paid rent ect,p but had the money to buy Fifa for £50 and then had the cheek to ask me to lend him some money to get to uni I was like wtf bitch u serious. But still did it. He NEVER listens to me I have to repeat myself 18374 times a day he's usually preoccupied on Fifa or facebook talking to people or on his phone I'm like HELLO IM HERE IN REAL LIFE, hes very childish like literally comes over like ' I want a cuddle' and puts his head on my boobs like I'm his mum or something.

Thing is he's changed uni so we could stay together but now I'm depressed he's not happy if we do split he will have to find somewhere to live and I'll feel terribleeeeeeee😫

And last night I spent it with my friend at the pub and we are getting really close I feel sooooo guilty today like I can't bear it.

Honestly I have no fucking idea what to do

A xo