AF not welcome!


Hi everyone! This is my first month TTC so I'm very new to this... I have two apps that I have been using, this one and the Ovia app. According to Glow AF is due 10/18 so I'm currently 13DPO and Ovia says AF is due today. It's very confusing. I normally don't really have any symptoms before my period shows up. In the last couple of days I have been very bloated, gassy and constipated some days and then other I have diarrhea (Sorry TMI) I have also had light cramping. I read this could also be symptoms of PMS. My sister says it could be that I've never noticed them before because I was never really tracking my cycle. I have tested a few times but get BFN 😔. I havent tested since Satutday lol im nervous. Anyone going thru the same thing? I would love some cycle buddies so we can talk about what we are going thru and encourage each other! this waiting is torture!