November baby turned into an October baby.


Jaxson Ryan is Here!! I didnt feel good yesterday and just took it easy. I woke up at 330am with horrible contractions. I tried to take a bath and see if things calmed down but they only got worse. Me being me I started a load of laundry, folded a basket of laundry and made sure everything I needed was packed. The contractions got so bad around 430 I woke my husband up and we called the babysitter for the other kids, we leave the house about 5:10, get to the hospital checked in on to l&d;, they checked me I was an 8. They said my doctor would be here soon not 2 minutes later I'm telling the nurse I can't wait he's coming. another doctor came in and checked me babies head was right there and I needed to push. One push his head was out the doctor told me to stop pushing because cord was around babies neck 3 times, i stop then they say push. I barely push and he's out . Perfect little boy 6lbs 15 oz :) Born October 17th, 6lbs 15 oz 19 inches long at 5:39am.