Is this morally wrong

Sabrina • Married💕 train horses for a living🐴

So im suppose to be marrying my fiancé October 2018, its was pushed off the last two years due to financial issues, so October 2018 was finally the date we’re just going to suck it up and save and do it.

Anyway i wanted the first weekend in October and when i was looking at the calendar for next October and i noticed the first two weekends are the 7-8th, and the 13-14th.. i have a horse show the first weekend and the second weekend the 14th is my brothers birthday.

I almost feel like an asshole for not wanting to sacrifice a horse show and just do it on the 13th 😂 fiancé says he doesn’t care but I’m curious what you girls think. I competitively show and just don’t want to give that particular show up since its their first October show, and they just asked me to be on the Board committee. Is this a dick move? 🤔 i feel like my family would totally expect this from me but be like “wow you would.” Lol

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