Baby girl due in two weeks!


Hello, peeps

First off I just would like to say I welcome any type of response positive or negative. Okay my baby girl is due in two weeks. My baby mother and I situation is complicated and we both love each other dearly. I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I'm college educated and hold my B.S degree in Sport Management from Winston Salem State University. This is my first child and her second. His name is Kharmari and is nine. I am very old fashioned and had a nice childhood and came from a good family. She been through a lot with death of a brother early age, gma (very close) passed two weeks ago, and father early age. I never went through that but understand how hard it is when dealt those blows in life. Life is a challenge especially when dealing with the unexpected. I lost my job while in the relationship and had to move in with her. We decided I'll stay with her until I get back on my feet. Mind you we both believe two ppl should not shack up if they are not married. I've never lived with a woman before and a child. We both are dominant type of ppl. We bump heads at times which led to altercations. We only been seeing one another two months before living together which was Sept 2016. Moved out April 2017. We are three hours away now. Saw her three times since moving out. My mother and I threw her a baby shower on the first of October. Now for the mistakes I've made while together. I'm gone make it short. Like I said I'm not perfect. Called her my ex name un intentionally, I said I didn't want her to be the mother of my child (frustrated), kind of shoved her while one month (I'm not violent and don't do drugs, wasnt gone hurt her) doesn't make it right tho and that's why I'm mentioning it. She done some which led to my unacceptable behavior but I'm the man and take full responsibility for my actions. I can say now I wasn't giving her my all looking back on the relationship bc I wasn't happy with where I was in life. I lost my job which led to us living together. Im a very independent guy and believe the guy take care of the big bills and provides. So recently she mentioned she DNT want me in the delivery room when she delivers. What do you guys think or believe should happen? Sad I know. I plan to go get my Master's degree in Counseling, health administration, or journalism Fall 2018. She will be close to 1 yo when I start. My mother had four boys, one step son and a nephew. This is the first girl of my mother's immediate family. Yeah you probably thinking she gone be spoiled rotten and it's gone be my mom's child and not mines We are all excited for her arrival. Do you guys think we should work out our relationship and live separtely or just co parent and do I'll own thing. When I was writing this I got a call from NCDPS telling me I was approved for hire to start Orientation November 6th 2017 for CO3. Anybody who knows the hiring process is long and rigorous. Not gone get complacent. I can work there and go to school bc the hours are flexible and will allow me time to see my daughter. God is good and congrats to all the women who had their babies and about to.