When to test info!


Just offering some basic information about when to test and how some women get a bfp early and some women get them late. This has helped me a lot lately so I figured I'd share.

We usually have some "non pregnant" hcg in our systems. Doctors usually say under 5. So let's say "Woman A" has a non pregnant hcg level of 4. "Woman B" has a nonpregnant hcg level of 1.

They both have implantation on 7DPO. We know that they're hcg will now double approximately every 48 hours.

By 11DPO "Woman A" will have hcg level of 16. A FRER should be able to read that since they have a sensitivity level as low as 6.8. Bfp (and could've even gotten a bfp at 9DPO)

"Woman B" at 11DPO would only have an hcg level of 4. Not detected by FRER. Bfn

By 13dpo "Woman A" would have an hcg level of 32 and could get a bfp on a digital or most other pregnancy tests (which have a sensitivity level of 25 or higher)

"Woman B" would maybe just now get a bfp faint line on FRER with an hcg level of 8 and a bfn on most other pregnancy tests

There's my helpful tidbit!