:( :( :(

So I’m sitting here sobbing my heart out after hearing of 2 new pregnancies amongst friends in the past 24 hours. Of course I am delighted for these people but it’s just another reminder that I am not pregnant.

I have an absolute cheek as well, we have only been TTC for 3 months which I know in the grand scheme of things is nothing, but it seems like so much longer.

In these 3 months I have never had a positive OPK yet still trying like mad. I’m only 26 but too scared to go to the doctor incase they tell us just to go away and try for longer or if they tell me I’m not ovulating and won’t be able to have kids.

I just have this feeling inside me saying this isn’t going to happen for us. I’m probably just being a depressed mess right now but no idea how to cope with this going forward :(