Took my first steps


Today I had my first appointment for Mental Health, and have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Of course I have to under go more test for this information to be official, but I took my first step after not speaking about it for almost 20 years! Yes, 20 years!! I feel so much better knowing that someone out there genuinely wants me to get better. Not just a family member or friend, but a complete stranger wants to help me succeed in life. I am so happy to finally have made the decision to see someone. I want whoever may read this to know you are not alone out there. You are not crazy, and you are not what you think you are. We are just as normal as anyone else. Do not let someone put you into a box or make you out to be someone you're not! This is a life long challenge for me, but I know I'm going to make it through! Especially since I found out I'm preggo this morning. Yay! But I still need to get the proper help for myself, otherwise it'll effect my children more than it already has. If you are going through these things please know I love you and I have faith that you can make it too 😘😘 xoxoxo