My generation

Ray • Nurse aide. No goals. Here because it’s fun. (Low key troll)

So I belong to the “millennials”, and I do not feel like I belong. I have the most opposite views from what seems to be the majority, and I feel like I can’t speak about those views with my peers at risk of being attacked. I think the current minimum wage is great. I don’t think everything should be free. Work builds character. I don’t think homosexuals should be stigmatized, and I have no problem with same-sex marriage. But I can’t seem to find someone to agree with. And I feel like sharing my views will become a free-for-all for others to crucify my views. Oh, and I still believe in our lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! But somehow, that has become stigmatized too! I feel so alone in my head, and I bet someone is going to argue me on this! I’m sorry I disagree.