Please help...6 month old sleep 😣

ali • Beautiful 👶 boy born 4/11/17 via FET #1 after TTC for 4 yrs. Expecting #2 in Feb. 2020 after FET #2. 💙

My son is 6 months 1 week old and has been sleeping poorly at night for over a month now. I think he might have hit the 4 month sleep regression at the 5 month mark. Up until this regression, his night sleep was great from about 8 weeks on with only 1 night feeding and not every night, only sometimes. Now most nights, he's up at least twice to eat and often more than that needing to be rocked or patted to calm down. We've always rocked to drowsy for bedtime and for middle of the night feeds, we've always been able to put him down wide awake and he'd put himself to sleep. Now he will sometimes go to sleep after a night feed, but often he's up chatting for an hour or more and eventually gets tired and needs to be rocked to drowsy or asleep. He also rolls now but doesn't know how to roll to his back which is a real problem because he'll yell until you roll him back and then he often rolls back onto his belly immediately! On top of that, he spits up on his belly which is a pain at night in his crib. I was hoping this would just pass like it did for some mothers, but it's been at least 5 weeks and I'm beginning to lose hope that it'll pass on its own. He was sick for about 3 weeks, but could that have messed him up this bad? I'm exhausted from getting 4 to 5 hrs of sleep each night and working full time, plus my poor baby isn't sleeping well and I feel bad. I didn't want to sleep train but don't feel I have a choice.. I'm so worried I've already created bad habits of him getting up to feed and needing to be rocked back to bed... I'm a complete wreck! Should I sleep train? Is this the same as night weaning? If they're different, do I do both separately? I don't know where to begin and I'm so nervous because I don't know how my baby will respond to training because he's a sensitive little guy and the type who cries harder if you need to put him down while he's upset (e.g., to get a bottle ready). On top of all this, my baby just got a helmet for plagiocephaly, so I'm worried about his sleep in it in general. I'm looking for advice and help on what to do next! 😢😢😢