Chiropractic for Infants?


looking for anyone who has any personal experience with this. I will predicate this by saying I’m very hesitant about chiropractic care at all let alone with my 3 month old.

I have 3 month old twins (6 weeks corrected) and we’ve worked up to breastfeeding 80% of the time and I pump the rest. Because they were preemie we had latching issues due to the size of my nipples and the size of their mouths but as they have grown this has mostly corrected itself.

My one baby has mild tortecollis and has begun physio tonhelp with that. She has historically gained weight appropriately however st the last weigh in (when we had moved to almost exclusive breastfeeding) she had not gained as much as she shoukd have. our Lactation Consultant has concerns that she may have a mild tongue tie. We went to a specialist to have this assessed and they felt she does have both a tongue and lip tie although neither is severe.

Theyrecommended hiwever that that we see a chiropractor to address her tortecollis first as her neck tilt could effect he after care for the tongue and lip tie correction. I explained we were doing physio already for this but she felt chiro was better.

As i said, having anyone manipulating my babies neck, spine, or vertebrae freaks me out. I’ve researched and watched videos on now this is done and realize it’s small minor manipulations, but I also can’t find any evidence based research to support the safety or effectiveness of such treatments. So, as a FTM I’m extremelh confused what is best. I know tongue and lip ties have multiple other long term effects outside of breastfeeding which is why I want these addressed sooner rather than later. But unsure chiro rather than physio is the way to do this.

Anyone have any personal experiences?