My husband and I have been married for two years and we are a young couple who have been judged by many for getting married so young. I had just turned 18 when we got married and my husband was 20. My husband was my first relationship, first kiss, first and last everything. My relationship with my parents abruptly ended because of my relationship. I was in love at 17 and my parents hated that they couldn’t control me anymore. I won’t get too into it but I haven’t heard a word from them in three years and trust me when I say I tried. Fast forward a little bit. My husband and I are both military and we are in different branches. We were stationed apart from each other for almost a year and every-time we had a couple extra bucks, either I would fly to him or vice versa and spend a couple days together. Fast forward a little more, he proposed to me on Valentine’s Day and I said yes ❤️

I had permanently moved across the United States to be with him and we got our first apartment together. We didn’t have the money or the support to have a wedding but we were both ready and so in Love so we decided to get married at the courthouse the following weekend ❤️💕

We got married and a few days later, we find out he deploys in less than a week 🙁

We say our good byes and gave our kisses and he leaves for seven months. I was strong through the entire seven months and finally he’s home!!! ❤️❤️ But I find out two days after he’s home that I’m deploying for four months the following week and our hearts were broken but we knew that our relationship would be difficult and like no other. And when we both committed to each other, that meant being apart for long periods of time and that was okay with us. Fast forward though my deployment, I am now home and our apartment lease is about to be up but guess what, we started looking for a house! 🏠 we found the perfect one and got Pre-Approved and went through the whole ordeal and closed in less than a month! My husband works night shift and very VERY long hours. He leaves lunch time and doesn’t come home until 6am. I was getting lonely so my husband and I decided to get a puppy but one wasn’t going to be enough so we get him a little sister! Fast forward 5 months and I had been feeling sick and I didn’t know what was wrong with me so I had decided to take a pregnancy test and GUESS WHAT a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!! We hadn’t been trying for a baby and honestly we didn’t have the time to be intimate with each other but we are so passionate that we now have a baby on the way ❤️❤️

A cute little brick home, two loving and beautiful doggies, and a baby in the oven. I had been diagnosed a few months ago with Major Depressive Disorder as well as Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Type 2. I had been having a difficult time not having my parents or my sisters in my life and I had decided to commit suicide. Thank God my friend found me and called 911 and I was transferred to the ICU and my stomach was pumped and they flushed my system with fluids before the Tylenol killed my organs one by one. When I finally woke five days later, they told me I was lucky to still be alive and if I had been alone for another 10 minutes, I wouldn’t be here now. I look back at that traumatic experience and I hate myself for doing that to myself and to my husband. I was in denial for a while and I didn’t understand why I would leave my husband alone like that. I am healing everyday and building up my strength to be independent and emotionally and psychologically strong. Since that day, my husband and I bought a house, adopted two doggies, and we are proud to announce a baby on the way ❤️❤️. Thank you for listening guys 😊

I am blessed today and everyday because I have such a supportive and loving husband and my little family. I’m here for all of you regardless if we are strangers or we have nothing in common. Have a great day 💕