Multiple Sclerosis and my nan


My nan has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). its a condition where basically your body slowly loses different functions. There is no cure and she is currently in the late stages. she cannot talk, walk, eat. the one way she can communicate and the only thing she can kind of control is her eyes and the occasional smile.

its horrible to watch her in so much pain. family was everything to her and now hardly anyone visits or talks to my immediate family any more.

i just saw a girl on Snapchat playing scrabble with her nan and it honestly broke my heart because i don't remember much time i spent with my nan before her MS or before it got bad. i wont get to play scrabble with her or watch the telly next to her or anything like that

why does che have to suffer like this?

i don't know what i am expecting here. i jut needed to vent.i suppose ❤