Baby daddy...

So.. recently my fiancé and I broke up, we have a 9 month old daughter. When we broke up I wanted it to be civil but as usual it wasn't. We were to toxic for one another and it was long over due for us to end things. Well, before things got heated I asked if we could still raise our daughter as friends. Not live together but to genuinely be friends for her and he told me I hate you. So then I asked well, can you please come by so we can discuss when you would like to see do you think your job would allow you to switch days or I could switch my days for us to make a schedule. "No" okay..well when would you like to see her. Ignores me. So I texted and said

"Listen, you have shown me no indication that you would like to be apart of her life. I do not want to deny you visits and look like the bad guy, but I'm asking one more time. Please can we talk in person."

He responds: "I wanna be in her life, I just don't wanna talk to you"

Okay fine. I left him alone. A couple days go by.

"This is the last and final chance I'm going to ask to meet with you do you may see your daughter and plan a schedule"

Doesn't answer.

So then today he comes out the blue "I wanna see my daughter you can't keep her from me"

EXUSE ME. I don't want to say no because that is his daughter and I refuse to be a bitter baby momma. But at this point.. I want to deny him because he has all the chances in the world to come and see her or I could have taken her over there ( and yes i did offer) I really don't want to text him back. Because if wanted to see her he could have just came over.