The hospital doctor gave me mixed answers.


I'm so scared and wish I had more answers. I'm roughly around 4 weeks pregnant, and went to the ER last night due to some brown spotting and bad cramping. I know that this is very common for some women, but I have severe endometriosis and have had multiple laparoscopic surgeries in the last few years, so I am a little more scared.

Anyways, the doctor told me my cervix is still closed and looks good, but that at 4 weeks my HCG level is 34, and according to him that's 'super super low.' I've only had one reading and have to have another one done in two days. I had hope that baby would be fine, but then he started talking about miscarriage and how my numbers are too low. What made it worse is that one of the nurses came in and said 'sorry for your loss', and then after I started crying she said 'oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that, it was a mistake, there's still a chance everything will be fine.

I thought my levels were acceptable as long as they show they are rising. Today the cramping is a lot more mild and I'm barely bleeding, I just want to hear that there's a chance everything will be okay.