My husband is a mess (:


Last week was my birthday, no one bought me anything. I kind of understand because we are low on funds and have a very strict budget (when it comes to pleasure).

Fast forward to yesterday, I was gone all night Tuesday for a get together and again all day yesterday. So on my way home around 6pm yesterday my husband gives me a call we chit chat and I tell him I'm 30 minutes away. He says "oh good, I have a surprise for you when you get home" and we hang up. So now I'm so excited. Gifts is one of my love languages! (if you don't know what I'm talking about look up 5 love languages) So now I absolutely can not wait to get home.

So I walk in.... drop my bags and he's just standing there by the sink,

I impatiently look around.... no gift box .. no gift bag... at this point in confused because I swear I heard him say "surprise" in my mind that equals gifts!!

So this mother f'er comes out of the kitchen all cheesing and what no and drops his pants



this dude done shaved his ball so I can "lick and suck on them right now!!!"

needless to say, I still didn't get a birthday gift.