Frustrated!!! & upset!

Soooo we've decided to have a home water birth with delayed cord clamping & delayed bathing with a holistic care midwife. I don't want any medications & I don't want to be stuck in a hospital for days after my baby is born, I want to be home where I'm most comfortable & I can have as many or as little people around me as I want! We've also already chosen our names, & my MIL continues to try to convince me to change things! Like having the baby in the hospital (covered by insurance as home births are not) & to change our name because someone else she knows decided to name their baby the same thing after we'd chosen our name. I'm so upset because she puts this shit in hubbys head & then he challenges the choices I've made & he was completely on board with prior to. It's causing arguments between hubby & I & idk what to do, if I approach her on it she's going to get defensive & it will set me off, causing more riff raff with hubz & I. Ugh, she's making me so angry that I don't even want to hear from her! It's just one stress after another! She's even gone as far as making a big deal because hubz sister (11) is throwing a fit about a new baby because "she won't be the baby anymore" I'm just so fed up... am I wrong? What would you do if you were me?