TMI! Could this be a sign?


My period was due yesterday, I haven't felt period-y, ya know? Which had me like..Wait a minute..

Except for on the 13th or 14th, I felt what seemed like premenstrual cramps. They came on very quickly, and within 15 minutes they were gone. Fast forward to the 17th, I felt some VERY light cramps, but like before, they left as quick as they came. I feel some quick twinges to one side or the other sometimes, but it's not painful, just enough to kinda get my attention. Which had me like..

And during all this, my discharge was normal, a little heavier than usual on the 17th, but on the 18th it went bone dry, I mean NOTHING at all, it's was like the Sahara down there.

Which for me, usually means my period is coming soon,

but today the discharge was just... different. Also, I went for a walk today, and after a few minutes, my heart was pounding like a jack hammer and it was hard to

breathe, like I was gasping for air.

And at one point in time, I was just sure I was about to puke all over. I ended up just going back inside and lying down. And what's crazier is that's only a portion of what I feel. I'm hungry ALL the time,

super tired.

Of course, I'm not naive, and I know if I am pregnant there's no way I'd feel all this so soon, but still. I mean, this is pretty much just wishful thinking on my part, but I'd like to get a few opinions on this.