I feel like my baby hates me

I love my son. He’s almost 7 weeks old and he started out being a super laid back baby sleeping in his bassinet, sitting in his bouncy seat so I could do whatever, I rarely HAD to hold him he didn’t mind if I set him down. Then suddenly it changed. He won’t sleep in his bassinet. He screams if you set him down. Not just fussed but full on screaming until he can’t catch his breath. He’s good for other people, my SO, my sister, his babysitter. But I get him and he screams until he falls asleep on me. He’s currently sleeping on me but only after almost two hours of crying and pushing away from me. But if I lay him down anywhere it’s 20 times worse! I’m so lost. I just want my laid back baby. I don’t mind snuggling him, I love it, actually. But I can’t handle the fussy baby. I can’t even pump because he has to be on my chest. Has anyone else had an exceptionally fussy baby? What did you do to cope?