Relationship helpppp :/


So I’m sure some of you other lovely ladies may have been in a similar situation and I’m looking for some advice...

my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. I’m 20, he’s 21. He is so nice to me, tells me I’m beautiful and is there for me.. but I feel like I’m just not really feeling it anymore. We hardly have sex anymore (I’ve stopped bringing it up because all we do is argue) and when we do have sex it’s boring and he never wants to try anything new, I feel like we rarely have anything to talk about (he’s kind of boring/not super talkative), and I feel like I’m so young that I should be getting out there and finding myself you know? I’ve told him how I feel but nothing really changes. I still love him a lot and he’s genuinely such a nice guy and there wouldn’t really be a good reason for me to dump him... I’m just wondering if the spark is gone or if we just really don’t have much chemistry and I just ignored that for too long.. you know? Part of me is really scared to be single and lonely and I’m worried that I won’t ever find someone who is as good to me as he is.... any advice ladies??? AND His birthday is also really soon and I would feel terrible for breaking up with him right before.. plus i don’t want to make his family hate me.

Also I’m super depressed right now anyway and he’s kind of helping me get through that... I only have a few close friends and they’re all in relationships and with their boyfriends all the time.. I don’t want to be lonely and I don’t want to third wheel. :/