Can someone just tell me that this is ridiculous?

I have a baby and a 4 year old stepdaughter. My husband always makes it a big thing about treating them the same, which I always do anyway. But he makes a huge deal out of stuff. My mother paid $500 for our newborn session and got all kinds of prints and two canvases and a CD with everything on it. (And yes, we have canvases of my stepdaughter and prints of her up in our house already too) My stepdaughter got her preschool picture taken and we obviously wanted some and he wanted to give some to his mom and grandma as well. The packages for her school picture all have ONE POSE, AKA ONE PICTURE with four different borders (same pic, one with no border, one with a white border, one with a black border, and one with a wood border). But it's the literal exact picture. They had an $80 which was the most expensive but it only had one 8X10 and he wanted his mom and grandma to both have an 8X10 as well as us. Well, they had some other crappy package choices with only one 8X10 and stuff, and they had a package for $35 where you get NO PRINTS and a CD with the same picture with all four borders. I told him we should get that one because then we can print everything we want and let everyone choose the borders they like. He says, "oh, so it's okay to spend $500 on ____'s newborn pictures but we can only spend $35 on ______'s?" LIKE WTF DUDE?!?!?! We got over 50 poses of our baby, like 8 8X10s, a bunch of 5X7s, wallets, and two HUGE canvases! AND MY MOM PAID FOR IT. He's acting like I'm being an awful stepmom because the $35 disc is the best option.

Edit: we wouldn't just copy it because it has proof across it. Any of the packages and the disk come with print release so we can print at Walmart. We didn't need a package with a bunch of wallets and stuff. We only wanted 8X10s. And my mom paid for our newborn session. We didn't pay even a penny. It was a gift. He's acting like I took our money and paid that much for our baby and won't do the same for my stepdaughter, which is ridiculous. Plus, it's a school picture. One pose. He does this all the time with all kinds of situations, acting like I treat my stepdaughter less than. I clearly don't. I love her and she loves me. I never make a difference.