Just had to share my feelings

Yenise • Yenise tejada

From the moment you were conceived it was the biggest joy in our lives. We struggled wondering if you were still in there due to so much bleeding, dizziness and lack of symptoms. I passed so many blood clots I was sure you were gone but NO you were still in there holding on strong like you’ve always been. My whole pregnancy everything was amazingly perfect when it came to you anyways, there was just nothing wrong. At 36 weeks at church you decided to let me know you wanted to make your appearance and you did and very quickly. Labor was a mess and it sucked but the thought of meeting you made it all better, I just couldn’t wait to have you in my arms ! You finally came and we were overjoyed. The pediatrician let us know he might see some signs of DS but I didn’t believe it. How can that be possibly true ? It’s impossible. We spent our first night together both slept pretty well. The next day Was your heart exam and everything went down hill fast ! Mommy couldn’t stop crying. How is this happening? How is this possible ? Why all of the sudden after everything was so perfect ? I just didn’t understand. We needed to leave they said, you HAD to go to the nicu. I had to go with you I was not leaving your side. Daddy had gotten to the hospital from work and was just getting some sleep when we got woken up with these news and we were both so tired but we were coming with you. The news finally hit us HARD at the nicu. Jaundice, heart defects, low platelet levels and Down Syndrome !! We were speechless, what happened?! We felt so bad for you, I just wanted to take it all from you. We were supposed to take you home ! Instead, we’re at the nicu for over a week. Daddy and I cried sooooo much, there was no stopping us. We love you so much and we were in shock. We all struggled together and had a lot of hope. We prayed to God and asked for his blessings and to please listen to our prayers. The cardiologist told us you needed surgery. Can anything else go wrong ?. We can finally go home still super scared due to your heart defect. Here we are 5 months later and you are stronger than anyone I’ve ever met ! You bring so much happiness and joy into our lives, you are perfect in my eyes. I’m not worried about what other people might think but I’m here for you and I will always be by your side because you are my world. Down syndrome or not I was going to love you just the same. God sent you my way because he knows my strength and the love I can give. You are my gift from God. Now you will have a little brother or sister and I am so so excited you’ll have someone to play with and also get support from. We will always love you my dear gift, nothing will ever change how I feel about you. I look forward to an amazing life with you.