Update: He cheated, so I moved out while he was at work.

Hey y’all. So if you read my first post you know that I was planning on leaving my SO in a few weeks while he was at work. Well things changed and I wound up leaving the very next day.

I was wearing his robe, as I often do because it’s bigger and more comfy than mine. We got into an argument because he said he was on a Work call but I looked at the phone and saw it was one of his little girlfriends (it was my birthday) and I got upset. He started pulling his robe off of me saying, “this is mine take it off” he was pushing and pulling at me and once the robe was off he put it on for 2 seconds then threw it on the floor, kicked it, called me a b**** and got in bed and went to sleep. No apology, no nothing. That’s when I realized he was absolutely crazy. I realized he was very far from the man he was when we first met.

I contacted a moving company and quietly started packing the nursery and other rooms of the house he doesn’t frequent. I was up all night. I got dressed and pretended to go to work, he got ready for work too. As soon as he left, I went back to the house and started packing like crazy. Within a few hours everything was packed and the movers arrived. And I haven’t looked back!

When he realized I was gone he sent a barrage of calls and text messages that I ignored. He then told me I had 24 hours to return with all of my stuff or “it was over” lol. I’m thinking, dude it’s already over.

He then of course started sending threatening text messages of a violent nature, which confirmed that I did the right thing. I agreed to meet up with him just to talk, but in reality I was with the police and they were arranging the meeting through my phone to serve him with a PPO.

He was served and hasn’t contacted me since. I’m leaving town and not looking back! My son and I will be better off without him! I do hope that the courts force him to go to counseling. He has serious power/control issues that I think stem from him being adopted.


Thanks everyone for all the support. I am genuinely humbled by the number of positive responses I received from this post. I was feeling alone, but you ladies made it clear that there’s a tribe of love all around me. Thank you. My son and I are doing well, I have prospective jobs lined up, I’m much happier and things are falling into place.

He did contact me to tell me that leaving him has caused him to start using drugs and if I don’t come back he’s going to move out of the country and disappear. I’m thinking thanks for putting that in writing so I can use it in court.