So I’ve known this guy for awhile.. over three years now and yes we’ve done sexual things but we’ve never really been serious. Occasionally we still mess around but recently this past summer someone from ig messaged me. We start talking and later on I find out they are both friends. I let him know that I’m friends with the guy just so he knows. He didn’t care so I pushed it to the side. So now we’ve also been fucking around and that’s basically it nothing serious that will lead into a relationship. So I’ve been with both guys back and fourth recently but I feel like a hoe/slut/homie hopper even though I’ve never talked to either one seriously. I need thoughts and opinions cause I don’t know what to do🤦🏻‍♀️ should I feel ashamed at myself or is what I’m doing okay because I mean.. I am single and neither one wants anything serious with me