Upsetty spaghetti

Sarah • I'm 22, in a relationship, and I want to be more positive in my life. Twitter: @piespice

My boyfriend and I want to move in together. We've almost been dating for a year. I'm 21, he's 23, and we're both in college. I can't work right now due to medical reasons and he works part time at target. We both live with our parents. The problem is where we live the cost of living is so high that we can't afford to move in together. We looked into it and it's so much cheaper in other cities but we're going to a cheap college here right now so we can't move away (I also don't really want to move away I want to be close to my mom and he has 2 nephews that live with him that he wants to be close to) even if I got a job I could only work part time because of school. It's just frustrating. Why does cost of living have to be so much money? The lowest rent on an apartment that I've seen is 700$ a month. And the rent controlled areas for people with low incomes are very scary and sketchy.

I just needed somewhere to vent thanks for listening