my earliest signs of pregnancy

This post will be anonymous because i have friends on this app and i havent told a soul.

So i am 20 years old and 7 months married. wasnt ttc, wasnt preventing. i realize that may seem frustrating to the ladies who have been ttc for years or months... all i can say is baby dust and i hope it happens for you soon!

last month about 8do thats an estimation i got some pretty bad gas like cramps, i had these every other day or a few days in a row for around 8 or 9 days. they hurt. they doubled me over, i even considered leaving work a time or 2.

i got a nose bleed. ive never had a nose bleed in my life

metal taste in my mouth


have had mood swings out of this world.

i hate sour cream but have been craving it non stop

cannot hold my pee

not to bad but still some nauseousness

i really hope this helps and im sorry it is so messy but my phone will not let me see what i am typing so ive probably got a few typos and a few spots where its really jumbled - forgot to mention i am around 5 to 6 weeks pregnant and i just got 2 bfps last week.