Am 🤰🏽😭😭

I really need some advice . I am a nurse (RPN) who is currently working at McDonalds because I am back in school and I didn’t want a nursing job since the shifts are so long and stressful. I am pregnant , although my boyfriend and I used birth control and condoms . I feel disappointed because I wanted to become an RN , get married then have kids but I guess life don’t work out that way. Am only 20 years old and I have a roommate . My boyfriend (22)doesn’t know that I am pregnant and he lives an hour away. He is an engineer and he is Muslim 😳. I know he will step up once I tell him but am nervous because I can’t afford to have a baby and adoption is not an option nor abortion. Him being muslims will complicate things because we shouldn’t be together in the first place . How should I tell him, he is coming over tonight and any advice ☹️