need help asap what do you think??


i always ha e irregular periods, and i am not exactly sure wen i started and ended. but have not had aam i pregnant?? i havent had a period since September 5th (thats around wen i was getting off my period) i have irregular periods all the time...but this time is says on here that i should start within 8days but that isnt even accurate bcuz like i said period all October, my boobs are sensitive to the TOUCH and that dnt ever happen to. me bcuz of a period! i threw up twice...the second tjme was way worse than the first time. im affraid to take a test bcuz i dnt want it to be too early to take it. also im the type of person that dnt really ever eat. dnt have the appetite...but latley i been craving ramen noodles and chicken broth!! i am in need of peoples oppions!! Think its a possibility or am i probably just getting myself excited?