Guys I took a test today at walmart and Its positive!!!! Im more than excited!! Baby #2 is on his or her way! Gotta get blood work done on the 26th to make sure my hcg level has gone up. Got blood work done the 19th and my hcg level was at 14 💖💙 Then I can schedual my first ultrasound with my ob! So excited to see my little bean! Hoping and praying for healthy baby!! baby dust to all!

UPDATE: Got my results back from my blood work on the 26th. My hcg level was 555! 😁💖💙 No one expected my level to sky rocket like that! 😁 Now my ob has me going back every thursday for blood work to make sure my levels are still rising and when they get up in the 5000's they will schedule my first ultrasound!!!😍 Im so excited for Thursday and my results!