Please Help


I'm a new mom (He's 2 months+ now), and so just got a Paraguard IUD put in last week. I had a fever the next day n bled kinda heavy only for that day. Doc told us to wait a week before sex, which was fine cuz I was spotting until Thursday (Sunday now). Had $3×. Friday came n I bled heavy again, but it looked dark-Not my usual flow color. It got light again this morning so I just did a Monistat test for BV, Yeast, Trichomoniasis-not testing positive for anything-just came out bloody... And now I'm bleeding heavy again and all I can think is PPH (postpartum hemoriging). And my doctor's office is closed so I can't call them. (Also: breastfeeding/formula at bedtime and had a C section after 20 hours of labor)