My manager wants to f*** me...

I don’t have many friends to tell this to and I can’t tell many people I know because of the risks of exposing him or I so I’m telling you ladies to relieve myself.

I work at a higher end job. I’m about 7 months pregnant and I’ve only been working here for a few months now, but for the last few months I’ve been crushing HARD on one of my managers. He’s about 10 years older than me, but so sexy!! 😍😍He’s literally the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He gave me a nickname early on that’s kind of suggestive and he and I both know what he means by it. It started off as small flirting here and there, and then he eased into making some suggestive jokes, but as of a few days ago shit got real. I was ringing in an order and he came up to me and said “damn baby, that ass tho” 🍑 and then he asked if he could bite it. I played along and the rest of the night he literally would come up to me any moment he had and kept talking dirty. He asked when my next shift was to see when we work together and when he left that night he told me to think on his offer and I knew damn well what he meant. I want to soooo bad. These hormones don’t help a thing🤦🏻‍♀️

I heard rumors that he was fired from his last job for messing around with some girls there and I was told by someone at my new job he’s already been with one of the girls here and he flirts with a handful of us. I know it’d probably be dumb to take this farther, but I definitely fantasize about it.. I never thought this would happen to me 😩

Ugh, pregnancy hormones and not having had sex in forever all I can think of is what I’ve been told. I heard he’s big af too🍆... the next time I work is tomorrow, but being pregnant I physically don’t know if I could do all the things I’d want to to him 😂

*edit* Yes, I’m single. I probably won’t end up getting with him. My hormones are definitely trying to make the decision for me, but I know the wisest thing is to just ignore him. I make good money at this job and it’s not worth not having a job just to fuck him. 💯 I’m just sexually frustrated and needed to let it out. Yes I WANT to fuck him, but highly doubt it’ll happen. I can’t risk it.