My Boyfriend Cheated On Me!


My boyfriend and I been dating for a year and seven months and I’m two months pregnant. I been getting so mad with him so much recently and it’s because when we were three months dating he cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend and she knew I was with him because I would post about him. She lived in another town then me he lives in the same town as me. He would sometimes get calls at night when he would come visit me and I wouldn’t suspect anything I would just ask him if he needed to go. Later on I find out by her texting me saying why am I posting about her boyfriend I was in shock and pissed. He came and talked to me and told me he was sorry and would never do that again so I believe him and gave the relationship another try. But now that I am with him for almost two years and having his kid I get mad and tell him so much shit and just think about what he did to me. He hasn’t done anything ever since then but that memory about the time he cheated on me always comes to my mind and it even gets me depressed. He’s a good guy now and treats me with respect and love and is really supportive about my pregnancy now he has changed a lot and has a lot of patience when I get so mad with him. I haven’t talked to him about my feelings because he’s going to tell why am I bringing it up if everything good between us right now. Sometimes I’m so pissed off that I want to leave him and I know that’s not the right thing to do. Is it normal for me to get mad? What should I do? Advice please!!🙏🏼