Planned section unplanned visit to the ICU

Lauren • ❤️❤️Official 5/13/16❤️❤️BFP 1/19/17❤️❤️FTM to Willow Estelle 9/18/17❤️❤️

So lately I’ve been reading a lot of ladies birth stories and I figured I should share mine just to let people know it could happen and it’s terrifying. So my due date was 9/20 and I had a scheduled section for 9/15 however because of hospital difficulties I had to come back the 18th. A week before that I had my last ultrasound and they told me that my baby girl was 10lbs 8oz, she was transverse and facing my spine. The high risk dr came in to see me and said that they could try to move the baby by pushing on my stomach to move her in the right position because “a c section is no free lunch” is what the dr told me. I took into consideration all the risk factors however I didn’t think it would actually happen. So on 9/18 my bf and I went to the hospital they prepped me for the surgery. They had a really hard time getting the iv in it took 3 different people to finally get it in and like 5 sticks later they finally got it. So around 11am that morning they start rolling us over to the or and that’s when my nerves start kicking in. They had to give me a spinal since I had scoliosis corrective surgery when I was younger and they said the spinal would work way better then epidural (on a side note I’m still not sure the full difference between them.) so I’m sitting on the or table and they gave me some pretty heavy drugs so I wouldn’t feel all the needles they had to put in my back. And then they laid me down (after many tears because I was nervous and still in pain) They finally sent my rock of a bf in and he calmed me down a lot I even started crying when I saw him because again I was nervous. I felt a lot of pressure as they were moving and pulling my giant sized baby out. When they finally gotten her out I felt such a relief like they had taken 20 lbs off of me and then the dr says “hello toddler!” My lo weighed a very healthy 11lbs 11oz. Over a pound what they predicted her to be. So after they put me all back together they bring me to the recovery where they give my girl formula because she was shaking from low sugar. She drank 40ml which apparently is way more then what a normal baby should drink. The nurse in the recovery room looked at me at one point and said you have a pretty large blood clot I want you to try and push it out. I tried to push it out but I wasn’t very successful with doing so. She however got most of it out. Later when I was up in my room it was my bf, his mom, my mom and grandma and everyone is all goggly eyed over my very large baby. And at one point felt like I had peed myself while laying in bed and I said to my bf “Eric something doesn’t feel right can you go get a nurse.” All of a sudden like 10 nurses come running in and 2 dr(my ob and the resident that assisted my section). They kicked everyone out and all I keep seeing is towels and towels full of blood. I was hemorrhaging so bad it was by far the scariest thing that could’ve ever happened. The dr kept shoving her hand in and pulling out clumps and clumps of blood. I just kept telling the one resident who I grew very fond of please don’t let me die. So after they stopped they bleeding and after I lost half my blood supply I had a ticket to the ICU for the next 24 hours. It was terrible not being able to be with my baby and of course I know it could’ve been way worse and maybe I could not even be here if they didn’t work so hard to make it stop but I am so thankful everyday that I am here with my Willow. On I a side note I didn’t put this up to scare anyone or for people to feel bad I just want people to know this is what could happen if you have almost a 12lb baby. The c section itself went perfectly fine and I barely have a scar. As I said I’m thankful to be here.