MIL is driving me bonkers!


I mean, I know she means well (most of the time) but holy crap! 😤

Stuff like:

"S's head is a weird shape."

No, my doctor says it's fine plus in my family we tend to have longer heads.

"S's nose is too flat - oil and pull on it every day."

No, that's mutilation plus no research indicates that will change anything. In fact, it could lead to nasal damage.

"S's forehead is wide."

Yes, because we shaved his head (cultural reasons)...his forehead looked tiny before that.

"S cries too granddaughter never cried."

Lies. They used to wait for me to come home from work and put her to sleep because she would scream until I sang to her. I used to eat in the middle of the night because she demanded so much attention. She's 1.5 now and still cries, screams, throws tantrums and smashes her head against the floor/doorframe hard enough to bruise if she doesn't get her way.

"You carry him too much. My granddaughter was never carried."

Maybe, maybe not. My arms, my pain. Also, your granddaughter was carried by six people because you moved your daughter's family into our house (without asking permission since our place is much larger). Maybe I carry him a lot, but your granddaughter's feet never touched the floor.

"S keeps trying to watch the TV. Granddaughter didn't."

She did. It got to the point that we needed to barricade her into the adjoining room (because MIL refused to turn it off). She would then scream bloody murder until she was brought to the TV. S will not cry if he can't see the TV.

"He must like watching the TV because you watched too much when you were pregnant."

Umm...okay, that totally sounds like real science. Since we're talking about pregnancy behaviour, your granddaughter must be a compulsive liar because that's all your daughter did when pregnant.

Sorry for the rant. I wish I could say all this but am trying to keep the peace to avoid dragging the kids (my almost 3-month old son and SIL's 1.5-year-old daughter) into their unnecessary drama. 😒