When should I introduce bottles?


Hello mommies! I gave birth to my baby girl on Tuesday (October 24th). Right now, I am exclusively nursing her. I plan to do that for a few weeks. I do plan to pump and incorporate bottles so my husband can feed her, but not right now. For those of you who pumped and gave bottles to your breastfed babies, when is a great time to introduce bottles? My lactation consultant recommends waiting until 6 to 8 weeks before giving her a bottle. However, my daughter's pediatrician recommends four weeks. My Sorority Sister gave her son a bottle at two weeks because she returned to work shortly after so she wanted him to be used to the bottle. I'll be home for 10 months so I do not have to worry that. However, I still want her to be used to the bottle and nipple. I hope we do not have any nipple confusion. I want my daughter to be at least one month old before being introduced to a bottle. Which do you ladies recommend? Four weeks? Six weeks? Two months?