Still no sex drive :(


I had posted a few months back about not having a sex drive during my pregnancy.

Well im currently 21 weeks pregnant, almost 22, and i havent seen my sex drive in months and nor do i see it in the distant future.

I know this is kinda tmi, im sorry.

But its getting frustrating for me and my boyfriend both.

We have had sex a handful of times during my pregnancy, i wanna say 3 times? And i havent been able to get into it. I dont get the same pleasure from it as before. And i dont understand.

Me and my boyfriend went from having sex about 5/6 days a week, minus my period week, to nothing at all!

My poor boyfriend thinks im not attracted to him anymore, which i am still. Just have no desire to lay in bed while he does his thing. I just dont know what to do.

Anybody have some suggestions or am i alone here :(