Can someone please explain to me this situation? My boyfriend..... or should I say ex..... knew each other for a month before we started dating. Then we dated for about a month and a half. We had told each other we loved each other, and we had been almost intimate with each other, but I told him I wanted to wait. We’re both in school and I work part time, and even tho he doesn’t have a job he has 20+ credit hours this semester. We’re both very busy. Despite that fact things were going really great! We made time for each other no matter what. But then this week, he was extremely busy because of all of his concerts and rehearsals he’s had. He hasn’t spoken to me much, and I was starting to get worried, but I brushed it off because I thought I was PMSing. But then tonight, right before my family Halloween Party, he calls me and tells me we need to call it a break. That it’s not fair to either of us because we’re so busy. I told him that wasn’t a good excuse that if you want a relationship you fight for it. Then he proceeded to tell me he wasn’t interested in me anymore. Any explanations besides boys are stupid?