Sadly lost a baby for the 2nd time.


I just found out I was pregnant the other day and was so happy, took two pregnancy tests and they came positive, took another one couple days later and it came negitive, I started spotting and went to the doctor, they did a HCG blood test and told me when they get the results they would call me back if it was positive and they wouldn't call me back if it was negitive.. I never heard back from them... I've been bleeding and cramping like crazy since.. I'm 4 days into bleeding and am torn. I was so excited about this pregnancy and it was taken away from me so fast. This will be my second miscarriage. I'm at a point of giving up. I already have 3 kids.. but I wanted one with my husband.

I have 3 in a previous relationship. My husband and I got married in July and have been trying to have a baby since last year...