Feeling sick after GTT?


I did my 2 hr fasting Glucose tolerance test this morning and felt fine. Didn’t feel too nauseous it went well. About an hour after I got home, i suddenly started sweating profusely and felt the urge to faint. I was doing my daughters day of the dead makeup for her dance performance and there were other moms here doing the same, we were running out of time so I didn’t tell anyone and rushed through it. Finally I told one of the moms I thought I was going to faint and she brought me water and an apple. Felt a little better. Then again about 3 hours later while shopping at target I felt the same exact symptoms, so I decided just to go home. Now it’s 6 pm and I started with same symptoms I feel dizzy and fatigue and sweaty. Did this happen to anyone else ? I’m 31 weeks btw