School period horror story? Post them here this is mine below


Friday was awful. I'm thirteen in 8th grade and I got my first period at 12 and a half 7th grade. On Friday in science class we had a female substitute and I went to the bathroom and I guess I got my period a week early and I was so unprepared it was picture day (this happened after pictures thank gosh) and it had leaked through my khaki shorts! My mom works nights so she was asleep and my dad was at work. I did not want to call my mom because this has already happened once this year and she had to pick me up and she was mad at me and made me promise this would never happen again and I promised. So I went back to class and was his hysterically crying so I put my head down and the sub did not notice till the end of class when the bell rang and one of my best friends pointed at me and told her. Then my friend asks me what's wrong and I say "it" which is our code word for period. Then the sub tells me that I have two choices ether tell her or she calls the office and I was screaming no and then my friend say no wait to the sub then asks me do I want my other best friend and I say yes so she runs to band (the three of ours next class) and asked to borrow her and the band teacher says yes so as there coming my friend said lets get one of my other teachers let's call her ms B so they go to ms Bs room and tell her that I'm hysterically crying and I need her because I trust her more than a sub which is true so she runs to the room with them and my friends ask if I want them to tell the teachers and I say yes so they do and then ms B is asking me what happened and do I need and pad or tampon and I'm so embarrassed and I said yes so she said to me that I have to get up so I can go to her car with her to get one and I'm yelling NO!!!!!! At the top of my lungs and they are trying to calm me down and finally they end up persuading me to get up and go to her car and pick out what I need then I got to borrow my friends gym pants and considering I'm the smallest eighth grader in the school in every way they were huge but would work. So that's my Friday the thirteenth horror story. Sorry about punctuation I'm horrible at it! Thanks for reading!!