Car accident


Hi ladies, on Thursday my 11 month old and I were rear ended on the freeway. We are both ok but now we need to buy a new car seat. My husband and I work full time and rely on our parents to watch both our girls (we have a 4 year old as well who wasn't in the car for the accident.) My dilemma is on what kind of a car seat to get. Do we get another infant car seat that is compatible with the base that my mom and mom-in-law have but will only last her another year or so, or do we get a convertible car seat that will stay in my car requiring both grandmas to get a new seat as well? We have a few thoughts of how to get around having to buy new seats but one requires us reusing my older daughter's car seat that was unoccupied during the accident. I am sure the seat is safe, but I just don't feel right putting her in it. What do you think would be the best solution?