What I think about to fall asleep

This is going to be so random and probably weird but I have insomnia and I found a way to put myself to sleep. I'm not saying this would work for anyone, but It does work. Childhood memories kinda, tf I am a child so, life memories.

My nanas house. She married a farmer after my grandpa died. Pretty loaded farmer I must say. Had over a thousand acres of land and two houses.

He built a 300,000 square ft 2 story house. It was hidden in the woods. And it's far out in the middle of nowhere. The driveway is long and the house is hard to find.

This place felt magical to me, still does.

There's no internet, only one tv.

It was my get away place and omg, it was so pretty. To sleep, I think about the train at night, far enough away to not be obnoxious.

The laced lamp shades, red or green.

The clock above the bed that ticked me to sleep. The smell of the pillow sheets, waking up in the morning to the sun shining through the giant window facing the balcony.

At night, you can go outside and listen to all the life around you. Sometimes deer will come out and eat the food she left for them infront of you.

The owls making sounds. The way the moonlight was SUPER bright because there wasn't anything around for miles and miles.

I'm planning to take off work and go spend about 4 days with her. Free vacation and plus, I get to spend time with her. Someone I love very much. She won't be around much longer because she's getting old. If only I could keep her forever.