Advice regarding ex partner

So I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant carrying my ex partners child and i have had major issues with him since 5 weeks of being pregnant. He took a loan of £1000 out on my bank using my details while I was working, he now has to pay that back monthly. I tried working things out with him after that as I still loved him etc. Anyway I packed my shit up in his house back in July and left him because he was lazy and nothing was getting sorted ready for the baby. I moved back into my mums and have been their since. Things started going down hill from here. I kindly told him he was not to be on the birth certificate due to what happened on my account until I felt that I could trust him with my baby. He accepted this but since September he’s started getting nasty about it... I stated that I didn’t want him at the birth after that either. Since then he has been saying that “he will have contact with his son and be on the birth certificate weather I like it or not” and that I’m “using him as a weapon”. I’ve had lots of these messages sent in different ways and they have swearing in them now. Anyway recently ive found out he’s not the man I thought he was and he probably planned this whole situation. I’ve found out hes been in £3,000,000+ worth of debt, he’s been driving legally without a license for years, he’s been arrested for a few things which I’m unsure of what, hes done fraud on his family ( not just me) he’s lived in 15 houses within 2016, he’s taken a loan out on my parents house and that he was in trouble for something before he met me last year as the police interviewed my family about it. He was referred to a mental line too. He’s also been told to stop contacting me by social and still does call and text. I’ve had messages accusing me of having a new partner🙄, where I am, who my child will not be able to see and that he’s going to take my baby away as I’m “unfit” 🤔 and things like I’ll pay for a family meal out ( him and little boy) when the baby is 1 month old.. well he’s not gunna have a Christmas dinner and coke😑 I will admit I did stand my ground at the beginning and didnt understand that he was controlling me and being threatening until I had the health visitors round for my first visit and this is when she called professionals to stand in. My question is is this domestic abuse? because she did say it was but I didn’t realise 😕 what action do I need to take? as I’m startingto worry for when my baby is born.