Is It Me ? We Barely Have Sex !


Me and My Bf been Dating for 2 Years in The beginning of our relationship Our Sex Drive was Through the Roof ! it was Nonstop Sex & Then after Time went by of us Actually living together My sex Drive was Starting to drop. I’m Not in The Mood for It half the Time but I still force It Anyway Because It’s Not him that’s Making Me feel this way .. It’s Me Just Not feeling Like doing It . I’ll Be Laying there Reading a Book and He’ll start touching me and It will Make me Uncomfortable to the Point I don’t even wanna Open My Legs for him to Continue .. Like I don’t know him or something ! It’s so weird and this is a desperate cry for Help.. Cause My Bf loves Me Dearly and I would Hate for Him to Leave or Cheat On Me .. Sex is a BIG part of a relationship but it isn’t everything ! I Jus miss My Old Sex Drive .. When I was In The Mood For Everything ! we Have sex ONCE a day every 2 days like we’ll be drunk and all but I’ll rather fall asleep than to have sex . & NO HIS SEX ISNT WHACK I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me .